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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Only In America: It's Not About The Ebola Virus. It's About The Shareholders:

Surely, it's no mere coincidence that a leading researcher on the Ebola Virus, having been infected by the virus, in a land rife with it, would be given a fast-track back to the United States, along with his colleague, just for better treatment; then to walk into a hospital; and now, on the road to recovery the next day? That means a cure was already in existence; and if so, why was he Not treated in Africa? Would being cured of his disease in Africa mean the availability of the cure to Africans, in a poor country, with no healthcare, no money, and no profit? Here's a rogue thought: "How about withholding this promising cure, for a day, until we can get the good doctor and his colleague, back safely into America, where the drug's effects could be studied, tested, refined, and made into a 'product', put on the market, and sold back to the people, who need it most, make a ton of money, and make our shareholders happy? This is the Win/Lose opportunity we've been waiting for!" proclaimed the CEO of one of America's leading pharmaceutical companies, as his mouth began salivating with salacious greed. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

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