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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Vision

This is a rendering of an event that I actually experienced back in 1982, shortly after moving into my new apartment in N.E. Washington, DC. It was a haunting, intense experience that stayed with me all these years. The overall sensation was of 'Transmission'--that a message was being sent to me, from the future; a message that I am still fathoming. I now often wonder if the subsequent events in the proceeding years of my life have some connection with this 'encounter'. Since that time I have lost five of my closest friends to AIDS, and cannot help but wonder if the five young men that appeared to me that night were my friends visiting me from some other realm where the ability to move from one Dimension to another is as easy as descending a ladder. If you're wondering what they were carrying in the trays, it was neat, little squares of cornbread; making the import, let alone the impact of the vision, even more haunting, mysterious, and lasting.

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