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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Promise of Faith

What happens when you put God/Christ in a 'box' to ordain your fears, and the deeds (physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, prejudice, hate, homophobia, and murder, to mention a few) emanating from those fears. In time, the box, which is a degenerate construct of your faith, proves too small for the devil/demon that now lies within you, and the only way it can get out, once it has awaken, is to destroy the box--your church, your faith--and you with it, only if you resist letting go, and step out into the sunshine that is God's blessings.

Christ came to teach a faith grounded in the belief in one's self and worth; which, once established, enabled man and woman to overcome any and all adversity in his or her life. Christ taught that we are spiritual beings trying to become human, rather than human beings in search of spirituality. He gently instructed those who would listen that by embracing your spiritual default you will come to a greater understanding of your relationship to God, and hence your Humanity. This embracing of one's spirit, as espoused by Jesus Christ, is the basis of Faith. "(T)the idea of "faith seeking understanding" as set forth by St. Augustine in his statement "Crede, ut intelligas" ("Believe in order that you may understand"). This statement extends beyond the sphere of religion to encompass the totality of knowledge. In essence, faith must be present in order to know anything. In other words, one must assume, believe, or have faith in the credibility of a person, place, thing, or idea in order to have a basis for knowledge." -- Wikipedia

So the promise of faith can cut both ways: it can either kill you, or set you free--depending on which master you serve.

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