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Monday, January 15, 2007

Hyrynis: A Replicant

Hyrynis, replicant, age 14 earth years, and employed as a VR Full-Immersion (Holodeck) Programmer, is the 9th mate to Kharmyn, High Priestess of 'The Believers'.

Hyrynis was 'engineered' 14 years ago, 470 a.t., in a genetics lab at Alpherion Base, an illegal outpost on Mars. His genetic base is 99.97 percent human, 0.01 percent Cephalopod genes responsible for producing chromatophores, or cellular pigmentation; 0.01 percent Autotroph's genes, endowing this replicant, and others of his ilk, with the ability to derive energy from light. The remaining 0.01 percent comes from other genetic sources responsible for superior eyesight, muscular dexterity, strength, stamina, augmented neuron transmission, and acute locomotion. Incidentally, the lab was deemed 'Illegal' by the Second Intergalactic Federation for employing A.I. Ultras to work on human based genes. This was taboo because the Ultras had their own agenda for survival and their far superior intelligence made their motives all the more suspicious.

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