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Monday, January 08, 2007

Kharmyn, Chi-Chi & Azura: 484 a.t.

You've seen her in a famous stat-sim where she was photographed (See "Kharmyn II") on the balcony of her penthouse overlooking the space port city of New York 2. Being a Sapient and, no doubt, to her 278 years, Kharmyn is already a woman of considerable power and accomplishment. Having already experienced her life as a starship pilot, sim actress, and exo-archeologist, where she made an enormous fortune trading in alien relics, she is now exploring her as yet untapped potential as a priestess of The Believers, a school of thought based on the ancient texts of Old Earth philosopher, Saint Augustine. Receiver of countless awards, Kharmyn recently won the most coveted one of all: the Sagan, which recognized one whose work crystallizes the hopes, dreams, and promises of Humanity. Having just returned from a 2 year honeymoon at Cygnus-4 with her 9th mate, Hyrynis, a replicant and VR Immersion Specialist, Kharmyn is shown in the stat-sim, above, playing with Chi-Chi and Azura, her beloved, enhanced dolphins she had personally augmented while a student at Cal Tech 270 Earth years ago.

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